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Gamer Grrlz by SkydancerFrom 1998 to 2001 I wrote articles about roleplaying for About.Com (formerly The Mining Company). Although a few of these articles have been published elsewhere — sometimes even with my permission — I provide the collection here for gamers and for writers who might get some ideas from them. The earliest articles are D&D-specific, although even those can usually be generalized to other RPGs, as well.
I have not reprinted all of the articles here. If I'm missing one of your favorites, ask. I tried to archive only those I thought would be of the most interest to the majority of gamers.
These articles may be considered to be under a "share-alike" license. I am very easy-going about reprints, but I do ask that my name remain attached to the articles.
Please note that while I and some of the other editorial board members of The Harrow enjoy roleplaying games, The Harrow will not publish any horror or fantasy stories that violate an RPG's copyright by referring to copyright-protected worlds, characters, spells, and so forth.

Writing Adventures:

How to Start a Campaign: Pre-Campaign Planning
How to Start a Campaign: City Building
How to Start a Campaign: Realm Building
Ending Campaigns
Apocalypse—How?: Ending the Game with a Bang

Adventure Writing: The Focus
Adventure Writing: The Adventure Tree
Adventure Writing: The Opening Scene
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Mystery Adventure
Adventure Writing: Nonplayer Characters
Adventure Writing: Ending the Successful Adventure
How to Run a Good Bad Guy
Guidelines for Villains
A Little Personality: For Your NPCS

Genre: Writing the Fantasy Adventure
Genre: Writing the Western Adventure
Genre: Writing the Mystery Adventure
Genre: Writing the Horror Adventure

Play by Email: Setting Up
Play by Email: Running the Game

Santa Claus Adventures

Roleplaying & Info for Players:

What is Roleplaying?

Challenge Yourself: Play a Different Character
Cussing in Character
Personalizing a Character: Habits and Quirks
The Joys of Imperfection: Character Flaws
Playing the Obnoxious One
What a Character! Roleplaying Tips
Finding a Niche: Valuable Characters Aren't Always Thugs

The Adventurer's Contract: Don't Take a Job Without It
Divvying Up the Loot
In Defense of Munchkinism
Living on the Edge: Are Adventurers Entirely Sane?

Out-Thinking Your GM
Player Etiquette
Whether You Win or Lose: What Gaming is About
Why Roleplay?

Gamemastering Skills:

Ask Not for Whom the Die Rolls: Killing Characters
Creating a Spooky RPG Mood
Dating a Hero: Putting Some Romance in the Game?
DM Props
Equal Tabletime: Paying Attention to All Players
How to Avoid Herding: What to do with Wayward Players
Humans in Alien Suits: How to Develop Nonhumans
Introducing Characters
Keeping Campaign Records
Out of Alignment: Do Clear-Cut Good and Evil Make Sense?
Planning for the Unexpected: When Players Surprise You
Player Attrition
The Pros and Cons of Random Encounters
The Problem of Cheating
Running an "Evil" Game
Running a Game on the Fly
Surviving Mother Nature
Talking the Talk: Constructed Languages
Teaching New Players
Trial by Torture: Unusual Ways of Determining Innocence
Trial by Combat: Unusual Ways of Determining Innocence
Trial by Oath: Unusual Ways of Determining Innocence
Trial by Ordeal: Unusual ways of Determining Innocence
You Win Some, You Lose Some: Bad Game Days

Controversies & Oddball Topics:

Five Problems with Gamers & Dating
Gamer Grrlz
Gaming Groups & Divorce

God and RPGS: Are They Compatible?
How to Host the Perfect Game
RPG Violence
The Top 10 Ways You Can Tell Your GM is Male....


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