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is pleased to announce its new anthology

Midnight Lullabies

Kfir Luzzatto
Dru Pagliassotti
Tyra Twomey
Jason Nolan
Yuka Kajihara

With an introduction by
Tim Wynne-Jones

And illustrations courtesy of
The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library



Table of Contents

Sonnet: Roger Kuin
Scars in the Dust: Laszlo Belarski
Martyr: Erica Winter Tyler-Haw
Blood on the Sangre de Cristos: Darla Sue Dollman
A Forever Lullaby: Gary R. West
The Black Wizard's Cottage of Evil: Michael R. Colangelo
Chamber of Whispers: Alexis Child
The Forgotten Orphan: Carole Lanham
Little Rats: Matthew Lee Bain
The People from Juarez: Gretchen Van Lente
Under the Bed: Greg Schwartz
Oracle: Drew Williams
Mirrors in Motion: Sarah E. Wagner
Picked Last: Brad Hodson
Thirteenth Child: Whitney Lakin
Mommybaby: Nancy Etchemendy
In My Childhood Bedroom: Melanie Florence
Val-U-Pak: Mark Dunn
Grandma's Face: Kurt Newton
The John Thing: Larri Ann Rosser
Red Riding Hood's Revenge: Gerrard Brennan
Kissy Face: J. M. Heluk
The Wicked Queen's Story: Maureen Harris
To Sleep a Dreamless Sleep: Alison J. Littlewood
Eyes Shut: Jessica Ruth Harris
Giggles: Rodney J. Smith
Fall River: Lee Clark Zumpe
Too Late for Lalla: E. C. Seaman
Night Fears: Peter D. Schwotzer